Problem with objects display Rhino V6

I am having problem to see the objects as they are on Rhino 6. In all display mode, but wireframe, looks like the faces don’t agree with the edges, despite they agree. I don’t know if the issue is related with my laptop or with rhino. My machine is a Dell G315 with i7 9750H, GTX 1660 Ti, and 8GB of RAM. I already tried to change the antialias but looks like the same. Someone could help me?

How far is your model from the 0,0 World coordinate origin?

Around 3500 m

That doesn’t seem like too far…

Can you please post a small portion of the 3dm file so we can see if we can duplicate the problem?

After your question I moved the model closer to the 0,0 and it get much better, but I was still getting some issues, then I deleted everything far from the 0,0 and looks like worked. Despite that, do you think anything else could contribute to that? Because in some models I will need to have big distance between objects. I am sending the file as well.
And thank you very much!
Proposta.3dm (14.4 MB)

It occurred to me the if objects were originally created too far from the origin, and then Shaded there before being moved, this could happen.
If that’s the case, then running ClearAllMeshes, and going back into a Shaded display should build new, better fitting render meshes.

I will keep that in mind next time.
Thank you very much for the assistance!