Rhino WIP does not export surfaces for iRhino 3D app

Rhino for Mac WIP (5C95w) does not export surfaces for iRhino 3D app on the Ipad: when trying to open the exported file the message I get it’s “this file has only wireframe objects”.
This issue happens only when using Wip version: the same file after saved on the stable Rhino version (5.1) can be open correctly.

Hi Tool-

Did you make sure to Shade the model in 5C95w (or view it in a Shaded or Rendered mode) first? Basically, render meshes need to be generated before iRhino 3D can display these objects. Also, avoid the “Save Small” function in Rhino as it deletes the render meshes (in order to reduce the file size).

Does this help?

hi dan,
yes it seems to work now by shading before exporting, but the strange thing is that I usually work with the perspective window in render mode and never had trouble before …I’m sure also yesterday it was so, Thanks.