Shaded View

Why are these objects so jagged in shaded view? Thanks in advance. Hayden
Untitled.3dm (750.0 KB)

Hi -
Your object is 567 637 200 units from the world origin.
You can ClearAllMeshes and then put the display back into shaded mode but you’ll continue to run into display issues. The recommended approach in Rhino 6 is to move the object closer to the world origin.

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Thanks. ClearAllMeshes worked well. I’ll probably need to keep doing this as the model is geo referenced.



Is there a ClearAllMesh command for polysrfs. I ran into problems again with shaded view being weird. I’ve tried moving to the origin, purge and refreshalltextures but no luck.

RF_elevator.3dm (97.9 KB)


clear all meshes works for all display meshes.

you may want to check for bad surfaces with the selbad command. You could have a bad trim which would screw up the render meshes

Hello- - run ShrinkTrimmedSrf on this or change the mesh setting to ‘Smooth and Slower’ in Document Properties.


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Perfection! Thanks Pascal!