In tool selections to match view

I’m usually working on fairly complex engineering models. So to avoid wire-blindness, I always turn on Shade-highlight selected.

I want that to work Also in commands. Say you want to extract some surfaces from a polysurface that consists of 1500 surfaces (that’s not even extreme). I usually want A surfaces only. I’d like to select those all at the same time and work outside in. So I just select what I see, and keeping going till the part seems covered. I know there are 3 ways to do this, so don’t bother with that. This would just be my Preferred workflow.

The same would also be for selecting edges. If I’m in shaded mode, I’d like the shaded part to at Least block Part of the highlighted edge. Otherwise it’s really difficult to tell if it’s in front or in back of what you’re working on.

If I’m in wireframe, or xray? I don’t really care, although, highlighting things differently if they are being blocked by surfaces would still be pretty handy. Although, that would require you to still calculate mesh, no?

Anyway, the main request here is to match your view preferences for in-tool selections.