Shade rendering problem

Having just migrated to a new windows 10 machine, whenever I try to activate the shaded mode, a ground elevation appears which hides everything beneath the ground plane as shown in the attached bitmaps.

Hello - open Options > View > Display modes > Shaded (etc) and click on Restore Defaults at the bottom. Does that sort it out?


No it still shows the ground plane unfortunately.

Hello - what version of Rhino are you in? If V6, please run the SystemInfo command and post the results here. And if you start a new file with No Template set, is it the same?


OK problem solved. I downloaded the latest version, installed it and then fire it up with no template. The ground plane no longer appears.

I still however have the issue with flamingo nXT 3.0 not loading up the material library as shown in the bitmap imageproblemwithflamingo3.0