Flamingo rendering with transparent objects

When I render a transparent object in Rhino using the Flamingo NxT renderer the edges have a checkerboard transparency on them. This doesn’t happen for opaque objects in Flamingo, nor does it happen for transparent objects using the Rhino renderer – only with Flamingo. I tried every configuration settings in the Flamingo control panel that seems relevant, but it still shows up when I render. Any help appreciated!!

Hi Mark - my guess is this is a reansparent background to the rendering being refracted through - is transparent (alfa) set someplace?


Hi Pascal. Where is that setting? I tried everything related to transparency with the background that I could find:


You can easily replicate on your end if you have Flamingo installed. Just create any solid (a basic rectangle) and assign a Flamingo material with transparency and you should get the same result.

Hi @Mark_Gosselin ,

It looks like this is caused by nXt defaulting to showing the RGB and Alpha by default. Switch the Render window to RGB and you’ll get a black edge instead.

You may also want to disable the Ground Plane in the Rendering panel too which will use a default plaster material in Rhino 7 when nXt is the renderer. Then it will look just like Rhino 6 with nXt.

I wondered if that was the problem…I had complained about this new “feature” that effects every renderer a while back, the most likely reaction isn’t “oh great I can see the Alpha Channel,” it’s “Where’s my background gone?”

That is exactly it … appreciate the follow up.