Several Surface Patches (.IGS) Unable to Megre as One Single Surface


I have used wrap to convert .STL to surface. It has done it but produces several patches of individual surfaces. I am want to have one surface out of this. Is there a way that this can be achieved? I have attached the file. The idea is to import this into grasshopper and well imprint a pattern but the these surfaces are causing an issue. Sometimes they would merge and sometimes the edges are too far.

Please get back to me asap,

Thank you so much
Hole_Male1.igs (15.2 MB)

Hi Gaurav - Basically, if you really need a single surface, the answer is you cannot, as is - the object would need to be re-modeled, to be one surface, and it would not be easy… You can Join the patches into a single polysurface, however.


Yeah I can join, I can also reduce the number of patches, but what happens is when I have joined them grasshopper does not recognize it a surface anymore. So remodeling is the only way? or is there another way? cause the I am new to rhino and grasshopper and still trying to figure the limitations of the software.

Thank You