Visual Arq Window creator error


I am following the VA tutorial: 3.6 Windows - VisualARQ
I did the actions of creating the window twice but I still have the same effect. The tutorial window looks like that:

and both of my windows look like that:

I would be grateful for help or some explanation because I had similar problem before - with custom curtain wall from the same tutorial. It looks like VA has problem with dividing the objects. Usually, I would say that it is my fault but after doing the same things as in the video I should have the same results.

My entire project attached:
Villa.3dm (19.4 MB)

Hi @s.urbanski you need to change the width size (%) assigned to each leaf:

If you want to have 3 leaves with equal widths, you will need to set it to 33,3% (If you do it in the window styles wizard), the equal distribution will be more precise:

Hello and thank you for your quick response.
I was able to create a proper window after trying for the third time and I have an observation I want to share: after clicking “add” every leaf tab must be selected. I clicked next right after adding them and apparently they were set to 100% what caused my problems. But when I clicked Leaf 1, Leaf 2 and Leaf 3 they automatically updated to 33%. I would be glad to know if this is deliberate, just a way the program works or my observation is false.

Hi @s.urbanski,

Correct. That’s a kind of error of the program. It should calculate the other leaf widths automatically without having to click on all leaf tabs again.