Setting default drawing background colour

This is a change I would like to make to my default Rhino6 settings:

How do I get the background colour (page colour?) to stay like that?

Go to Options>Appearance, all the colors are there including background color. Note that individual display modes can also override the default colors set in Appearance.

Thanks Helvetosaur.
I guess you work from the keyboard Hotkeys. I used to before I got all Mousified by Mickeysoft :upside_down_face:
FTR: I found it on the top menu by clicking View --> Display Options. I was looking in Edit for Options but not having any luck.
I’ll have to start thinking Hotkeys again.

Stay well

I don’t really know what you mean by that - Options is reached by hitting the gearwheel icon in the main toolbar image or via Tools menu>Options. Then you find the Appearance section in the Options window. There are no hotkeys involved…

Thanks again Helvetosaur.
Obviously there is a lot of learning to do. At some stage there may be a decision as to whether to use Hotkeys, the Mouse, or both.