Setting Active View Port (from command prompt) between views with the same name

We have a document named Flow3 which has two views with the same name (the name is Viewport). How to set active view port between these two views from the command prompt? I am aware of SetActiveViewPort command, which takes a name to set the active view and in this duplicate name case, it always sets the first one as the active view.

I’m not sure how you did that! Saving a named view prompts you if you enter a name that already exists and asks if you want to replace it. If you choose No, the new view isn’t saved. The closest I could get was to make a layout with the same name as the existing saved named view. Post the file or explain more if you can and I’ll try to help more. I used Rhino 5 SR10 when testing this out.

You can rename a viewport by double clicking on its tab. It’s easy to have multiple viewports with the same name.

Right you are… I had named views on the brain I guess which prevent duplicate names, my mistake.