Name and add viewport + named viewport

Hi everyone,

I would like to automate the creation of new viewports + named viewports. My usual process is:

  • create floating viewport
  • dock floating viewport
  • create a cplane with 3Pt
  • plan view to cplan
    - name viewport
    - save as named viewport

Up to the “name viewport” I got it covered with a command macro and alias. But I cant figure out, how to make the last two points happen.

Would be great, if someone could help me out.



Hi @Frank_Dahl,

To change the name of a view, script the ViewportProperties command.

_-ViewportProperties _Title Frank _Enter

To create a named view, script the NamedView command.

_-NamedView _Save Frank _Enter

– Dale

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Wow, this is amazing. Thanks so much Dale!

First I thought you made a mistake, because you used an underscore and hyphen. But when I tried it without the hyphen and it did not work.

Could you point me to where I find documentation about this.|_____1