setObjectDisplayMode not working with blocks

(Willem Derks) #1


I just found that setObjectDisplayMode does not work with blocks.


(Sarath Kithiyon) #2

Hi Willem,

Use UpdateDisplayMode instead of setObjectDisplaymode it will works on blocks…

(Willem Derks) #3

Hi Sarath,

UpdateDisplayMode is an unknow command:



(Sarath Kithiyon) #4

Hi willem

Use this…

DisplayModeDescription.UpdateDisplayMode(DisplayModeDescription Displaymode);

(Willem Derks) #5

Hi Sarath,

I’m talking about the command:


(Sarath Kithiyon) #6

Hi Willem,

Without exploding block objects you can’t change it displaymode


(Willem Derks) #7

Exactly, that is what I like to change


(Pascal Golay) #8

Hi Willem - would you expect that to work per instance? If does work if you BlockEdit and set the objects’ modes but I guess that is not what you’re after, correct?


(Willem Derks) #9

Hi Pascal,

Indeed, I expected it to work on the instance.

I don’t see much use if I would need to go in blockedit mode to set the displaymode, imagine how that would be with linked blocks!


(Pascal Golay) #10

Yep, got that…