SetObjectDisplayMode inside blocks still buggy

It would be great if this will get fixed in Rhino6.
It has been described before:

Here’s my screenshot:
The ghosted object inside the block is displayed correctly only when the block instance is selected.


Thanks, I filed this again with more specifics for this example.

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RH-39146 is fixed in the latest WIP

This might be related: When an object is set to Ghosted inside a block, the Clipping Plane cutting that block creates a strange surface.

Hi Bogan - so far I cannot reproduce that here. I make a box, set its display mode to Ghosted and then Block it. I add a clipping plane… looks correct here, am I doing it correctly?


There is a difference in what you are doing, I noticed now. Here are my steps:

  1. set display mode for the viewport to Shaded
  2. make a box and block it and change it to ghosted.
  3. add the clipping plane (outside the block)

If the display mode for the viewport is set on wireframe, the strange surface is not showing up. It shows up in Shaded, Rendered, and Ghosted.

If the clipping plane is inside the block, the plane is not showing up. But when i exit the block, the clipping plane is not assigned to any view anymore.

My guess is you mean here that I should set the box to Ghosted then Block, correct? not set the block instance to Ghosted?

In any case, I don’t see your extra plane I’m afraid.


Yes, create the block, and than set the box inside the block to ghosted, this is what I meant.
Do you think this might happen because of my graphic card?

Hi Bogdan - at the moment, that is my guess, that it is graphics card related, possibly - what is the card on your system?


I reset the display mode and the plane is not showing up anymore.
Still, for Ghosted, the cut surface is visible only when I am inside the block. When I close block editor only the cut edge shows up.

Hi Bogdan - I do see some problems - not, I think the exact ones you describe, but not correct, inside blocks. I’m still poking at it.


Here’s how I see it.

Hi Bogan - yep, that is the bug I posted. I think we agree!



RH-39775 is fixed in the latest WIP

A box set to Ghosted, has a Ghosted clipping surface. If the same box is inside a block, the clipping surface is Shaded instead of Ghosted.

(6.0.17172.1151, 6/21/2017)

Hi Bogdan - Hmm- yes, I see the clipped face uses the viewport display mode; Here, if I move the block instance or add an object, it all starts to work, I only get the solid clip at first. I’ll test some more,
No, I take that back - I see what you describe.