Wish: SetObjectDisplayMode and BlockInstances

Very often i find myself trying to apply custom display mode to a block instance… and no luck. Or have blocks with custom display objects created in a file that in a different file will not show well since the viewport id is different.

Wish: make applying SetObjectDisplayMode to block instances apply to all of its objects.


Jarek, can you post a simple example?



Hi Pascal,SetObjectDisplayModel_and_Blocks_Sample.3dm (224.6 KB)

Sure, here it is - 2 of 3 blocks were created with custom object display modes ( W and S - Wireframe and Shaded) applied in Perspective viewport. Now, once they are blocks - The SetObjectDisplayMode has no effect on them.
I would like to be able to SetObjectDisplayMode override the whatever was assigned inside the block as in the regular workflow not having it is very problematic and counter-intuitive.


i had similar problems:

eg. i use mesh trees inserted as block instances (+1M faces).

i have made a display mode that hides all mesh wires, but still shows mesh edges. wich speeds up display x10 and still gives a good look of the tree.

however assigning that display mode to the block wont work, it only works if i set that displaymode current in the viewport.

Hi Jarek - thanks… So, the way to do this now is to BlockEdit and set the object display mode while in BlockEdit mode. Does that get what you want? I suppose there needs to be a ‘by parent’ display mode setting, that would handle this as well, if that is even possible.


Hi Pascal,

With 100s of blocks I deal with that is not an option to do 1 by 1. Also the by-parent mode still need to be manually changed up front in the block instead of just assigning the mode from the parent side. Many times the blocks I deal with are not that I create.
Ideal situation: the block instance object’s display mode is overridden by parent, unless parent is in UseView mode. Does it make sense and can we hope for this improvement ?



Hi Jarek- my guess is that this is hard, if even possible, but who knows, I’ll add it to the pile, thanks.



Pascal - the ByParent option would be a great addition, as you suggested. Seems to make the most sense.
Please add to the pile!