Set Window Colors from RhinoCommon

Is it possible to set the all of these preferences via RhinoCommon, I have found some but not all of them?

Is any of the “Skinning” logic accessible from RhinoCommon? I’d love to be able to programmatically setup the color scheme / skin properties.


Yes, I’m using that for some of the options. However Window Color isn’t in there.

How can I set the Window Color?

Doesn’t look like those settings are currently exposed in RhinoCommon. These are also Windows-only settings AFAICT, so that’s perhaps why…


@stevebaer @dale Any idea if you can put the remaining Window Color Settings from the Appearance options into RhinoCommon for us?

I think we can. :wink:

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Thanks! Appreciate the help!

Looks like all but five of the colors, including “Window color N”, are ready available.

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Thank you again. I wondered what “PaintColor” was… :slight_smile:


Do you know of any AppearanceSetting or PaintColor that will set the background color of the currently selected Properties/Layer/Display tab?

Hi Jason,

Run the WIP and pick Tools -> Options -> Advanced. Is Rhino.Options.UIPaintColors.TabBackground what you are looking for?

– Dale

I see what you were talking about. That is amazing stuff in there… I wish that whole table of values was accessible from RhinoCommon.

The TabBackground gets us close, there appears to also be a background color and a foreground color of white/black respectively that I cannot seem to change.

If you could find those values and expose them in the RhinoCommon, that would be fantastic!

Thank you in advance,


I’ll see to adding what I can to RhinoCommon for V6.


Thank you!

That would be nice. Trying to write a python script to change rhino UI colors to something darker. I think skins or themes would be a nice addition to v6. In the evening, with other programs in “night mode”, rhino is the one that is a bit hard on my eyes with its bright colors (which is fine during the day).

I second that!
And also the the setting for the white lines around the tabs (properties/layers/display) etc.