How do I change layer panel interface color?

Hi. I noticed this panel is unnecessarily dark.

I did not find the option to change its color not even in advanced. Probably I missed it.

Please tell me its possible :melting_face:

Pretty sure it’s Rhino.UI.ThemeSettings.Content.List.Enabled.Background:

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It works! Thank you Anders!

Is there a way to save these custom settings… I guess maybe not in the interface (it should) but where is the file to copy it somewhere so that I can share it, and not overwrite it with some other setting?

I will tag @pascal if that’s alright, I am sure he will know.

Hello - that would be saved, along with a ton of other stuff, in this file:



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Hi Pascal, thanks for the reply. I found this, seems like a more straight forward alternative?

Does Export Options not capture all the color changes in advanced options?

Hello- I do not think it gets these newer settings on import - worth a try though. I’ll have a look later in the day.


One more doubt, what setting controls these background colors?

Edit: Found it:

There should be a guide for this somewhere, I had to go one by one :thinking:

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I second this.

I was just talking about this today. The theme settings are vast now and very unclear. I’ll put something together that hopefully makes the theming process easier within an 8.x service release. Hopefully sooner than later.