Interface colors - Properties/Layers etc


I’ve found out that (after getting me a headache) my screen is quite bright, I have gotten quite far in customizing the interface without having to change my monitor settings.

But, I can’t seem to find a setting to change the colors of the tabbed windows on the right side of my screen; Properties, Layers, Display, Help.

Those windows remain white


There is no setting for that at this time.

@margaret ,

Oh, that’s too bad, feel strange that one significant part of the layout is left out of the color-palette. Could you tell me if this is something to see changed in the near future?

I think “near” future is probably out of the question. But I can put it on the wish list.

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Please do, it feels kind of silly to be able to adjust the entire interface, except for such a prominent part in the screen.

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Hi Peter

Could you, please, share your UI color settings? They seem to be very eye-friendly.


Sure, basically it’s just a couple of dark grey tints.

Rhino options->Appearance:
Background: V59
Text: V213
Hover: HSV 210.204.255

Rhino options->Appearance-> Colors:
Background: 212.20.170
Major Grid line: 213.20.140
Minor “”: 212.20.160
World xyz: 96
Layout: 192

General: (here is where the important parts are)
Window 1: 95
Window 2: 105
Window 3: 105
Window border: 223.129.111
Window text: 0
Active viewport: 243
Inactive viewport: 132