Set view perspective changed grid to vertical, why and how to fix?

I had selection in perspective view not showing as such, no yellow edges etc.
To hopefully refresh that I set the view to bottom, then set it to perspective again using the options in the light blue panel in the upper left corner of the view, but instead of the normal grid heading off into the horizon, its now vertical.
I cannot get it back to normal.
Why did Rhino depart from the grids normal direction ?


Maybe you set it to single point perspective instead of perspective.

no I saw that one and definitely avoided it.


Hello - I cannot even begin to parse what you are asking here - can you please provide a file or images?


Hey! by “4view” command you can reset your C-plane, and by running this command two times you can completely reset your viewports.


I think his Cplane has somehow changed to XZ instead of XY.
@Steve1 Try resetting your Cplane to top in the persp. viewport.