Rhino Top View Issue


I accidentally messed up with my Rhino 7 top view specifically the grid is not in the x and y-axis only, it also shows the z-axis. How do we restore the top view back to its default which only shows the x and y axis?


Running the command 4View twice should reset all viewports to default.

Right below the command line there are tabs named , standard,cplanes and set view. Open set view and choose the view you want for the viewport you have active. That’s just one way of a few ways as Mitch mentioned.—-Mark

As mentioned a few approaches to take. I use the 4View command about once a week. If my understanding is correct, then I believe there is a robustness to this approach in that it resets all 4 standard views i.e. I know that view port X is askew but perhaps 1 or more of the others are as well. So with this command I correct that which I observe is off and that which may also be off but not observed [ absent the time consuming inspection of each of the other view ports.].

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