Set ref point for level

We have a problem. Our drawing is in meters and the object we draw is at xxx m. But VA create the 1st level at around 50 or 60 km. Is there a posibility to change the reference height for the levels?
Regards, Simon

Hi Simon, you can change the Level elevation from the Level Manager. You can open it with the vaLevels command:
The level height is determined by distance of that level to the elevation of next level.

Hi Francesc,

When I change to 0.00, the distance between drawing and level 00 are around 70 km…

Hi Simon,
According to your screenshots there is only one level created at 800m and 0m respectively (in each screenshot). So working from the Top viewport, if you don’t snap on to other objects placed in other elevations, everything should be created in one of these elevations.
Can you send that model to, so we can better understand what’s going on?

Hi Francesc,
We have found the problem. The Cplane of the project and the drawing was 75 km in the Z-direction of the standard ground. Now, we have moved all to the 0 m level and everything is OK. We think the problem began, when we convert our initial cm-model to an m-model.
Best regards, Simon

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