Levels, relative position

I wonder if there is an option to set a relative position of a level? Let’s say, I have a building with some levels, set at Z-values as in the real world. This is because it’s a common practice to show the entry level refferencing to its geo position. So, I’d like to have a possibility to add a second value, now relative to this basic level, not to the Rhino Z=0 level. It would be something like this, for example: for a ground level its Z (absolute) would be 22,15 m (above the sea level) which is equal to the relative value of 0,00. Then, the every other levels could have their position as a refference, for example: the first floor’s level is 4,50 (plus additionally absolute Z = 26,65).
Cheers, Jaro

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Hi Jaro,
The levels inside a building have their elevation in relation to the Building’s Elevation. This is the value shown in the Level Manager. We can consider showing also the elevation of Levels in relation to the Document Z origin. (This is already visible from the Side Viewports as elevation reference lines)
The Building’s elevation is based on the origin coordinates of the document, which can be geolocated from the Document Properties > Location.

Hello Francesc,
Thank you, this is absolutely enough for me.
But frankly, I wish you have a good manual…
Cheers, Jaro

Hi Jaro,
Have you checked the VisualARQ Help? Is not clear enough? I’m interested in your comments.