Change Rhino CPlane height and VA Level will then start at zero?

I am new to VisualARq, bought it yesterday. I like working with it so far. But I have some questions.
First, I have a given topographie, is it possible if I change the CPlane height in Rhino that the VisualARQ Level will then start at zero and not like in the attached example at 4 meters?!

Second, I do some work with triangulation as shown in the attached example, is it somehow possible to get this triangulated polysurfaces in VisualARQ walls? Even the cielings, roofs, as if they are combined structural elements.

Thanks for your replies and help!

Hi Slesch,
Regarding your question #1, you can just type “0.00” on the Elevation value field, so the Floor 1 CPlane will be located at the 0 elevation.

About your question #2, you can convert polysurfaces into VisualARQ walls with the “vaWallFromSolid” command, as long as they are closed solids and you draw a (planar) path curve for each piece of wall. But it is not possible to do the same with ceilings or roofs. But I am not sure if is worth it to convert these triangulated polysurfaces into walls in your example. What do you need this for?
In case you need it to show that geometry in plans and section views, remember that you can assign 2D atrributes to this geometry with no need to turn them into VisualARQ object:
In case you need to export this geometry to IFC, you can use the IFC tag:

Best regards,

Thanks for your reply Francesc,

first problem:
it is a bit difficult to explain or I am doing sth wrong! :innocent:
I know I can change the elevation but, if I change the CPlane elevation in Rhino and synchronize all viewports, the elevation of VA still remains 0.0 at the initial Rhino CPlane I tried to show it in some screenshots:

I start a new file, everything is at zero, now if I have for example a given terrain, normaly I change the elevation of the CPlane to get there where I want to put my building, in this case 5 m higher.

The VA stays at 0.0 cause I didn’t change it yet. If I change now the elevation to 5 m higher VA does it.

BUT I would like the new elevation of 5m higher starts for modeling purposese in VA at 0.0 again. If I change the value again, it jumps back to the Rhino initial Plane 0.0

I hope I could explain it somehow, … Maybe it is a mistake by myself or I need to change the topographic model which will be a lot of work cause it is huge and if I need to add sth to the topo model it would be in another height.

second problem:
All this is my Masterthesis, it is about a winery in a wavy environment. The facade is out of triangles which should be visible in the plan layout, floorplans, sections, …so I will try your hint with assigning 2D attributes.

Thanks for your help!

You can change the elevation of the building so all the levels you create will take its elevation as reference. So if you change the building elevation to 5m and set the Floor 1 elevation to 0 m, the Floor 1 will have a CPlane at 5 meters of elevation in relation to the world coordinates, and 0 m in relation to the Building elevation.

yes that’s what I figured out too, but it was confusing me because the floorplan elevation on screen then starts at 5.0m and not at 0.0m. According to the world coordinates it makes sense! According to the buildings 0.0 it is confusing, well maybe at least for me! :wink:

Anyways, thank you for your kind help, I think I get it!! Love your tool! I hope I can show some results soon!!


I think I have a similar issue.

I would like to have the first floor elevation showing 0,000 in the side view and not the absolute elevation from origin.

There should be an option to switch between absolute and relative zero.

It’s very inconvenient to have to move the whole model, because i have a worksession of multiple files.

Also, the floor names are a bit longer and are not fully shown in the view. Is it possible to change the distance of the elevation mark from the edge of the view?

Hi @brglez.primoz we will consider this request for future versions.

There is no way to edit how this elevation reference marks look like in the viewport (only whether showing them or no) so we will study a proper solution for long level names.