Set Multiple Graphical elements does not work

When i want to select multiple elements from Revit to use them inside Rhino, Revit froze. What can i do or is there any other way to do it that my Revit model will show inside Rhino ?

It depends on the element. If you select a couple walls what happens?

Ate you trying to show the complete model?

I normally use a few filters to get the elements: Rhino.Inside®.Revit

Yes I am trying to show whole model, but only with mass category.
When i am selecting elements by one it works, but when multiple, Revit its getting froze

Is the selection one list, or graphed to a tree?

Try running a Graft Tree component after the element selector. This will place each rhino object into is own mass. With a simple list it will stick all objects into one mass.

Can you send us an example with two or 3 of the rhino objects? Export Selected is a good command to create that file.

My guess is that some Mass element is taking forever to build the preview.

If you can not share the whole Revit model please use this definition to isolate the Mass element is too slow. We can help as well if you share with us only the Mass elements.

Enable preview only for selected components and go through the list selecting one by one or multiple using SHIFT key until it got frozen.
I hope you have better names than in my sample to recognize the one that is failing. :sweat_smile: (14.5 KB)


Thank you, that your grasshopper code solved my problem ! Thank you so much !

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