Default Dimension Layer?

Enjoying the SetDimensionLayer command. Other users love to hear about it.
It would be great if I could set it to a certain layer by default whenever a project is opened or a new one started. Is there a way to do this?


do it first in the template so whenever you start a new project from the template it will set a default layer for dimensioning


Thanks Tay, I just tried that, but it didn’t work. It defaults to the Current Layer.

Large Objects - Feet, Feet & Inches.3dm (155.7 KB)

Try this template and let me know

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Thanks Tay. no luck here. It opens with Dims going on whatever layer is current, and is the same after setting Dim layer to Dim (after unlocking dim layer) and saving it as a template and opening that.

can you share your system info? since it works fine with me on the latest build (Feb 14)

SetDimensionLayer is a Rhino option that applies to every model opened in the current Rhino Window.

I do not know if this is a “Session sticky” setting or is saved with the Rhino installation.

As a work-around, you might need to add the command as a macro to be run whenever Rhino is started.

Sorry for my bad, I remembered that I added this macro for the startup.
!_SetDimensionLayer _U Annotations::Dims _Enter

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Can I create a macro which automatically runs every time Rhino is started? oh I see. I pasted it into the run these very time rhino starts. But I think I have to put in the layer I want the dims to go into where it says “Dims” in Tay’s macro.

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I can verify that this is NOT a sticky setting.
Nothing is being written or read related to this tool.

@tay.othman’s macro is the way to make it happen all the time.

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One thing I noticed is that tay’s macro creates a layer called “Annotations::Dims”. I use the following combination on startup to create a parent layer “Annotations” with a child layer “Dims”:

!_NoEcho -_Layer _New “Annotations::Dims” _EnterEnd
!_NoEcho -_SetDimensionLayer _U=_S “Annotations::Dims” _EnterEnd

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Hi David -

That’s a perfectly fine way of doing that. Since this is on startup, the alternative would be to create a custom template with that layer present.

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@wim ,

I’d like to use this opportunity report a bug in V8. although this feature works with nested layers in Rhino 7, It seems the (Sublayer) option doesn’t function in Rhino 8, please see the comparison videos here

The whole issue is likely caused by the inability of Rhino 8 to understand the “::” sublayer designation.

Version 8 Below, using the same Macro above:

Version 7 Works as Expected:

Hi Tay -

It’s on the list: RH-62649 SetDimensionlayer: Allow sub-layers

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