Set default scheme


I have multiple schemes setup to run Rhino.
What should I do to setup a scheme to be the default when opening a file in Win10

Or, is there a way to migrate a scheme to replace the default scheme?


Hi Willem - if you rename or just delete Scheme Default in the registry, a new, clean, one will be created when you start Rhino. Is that what you mean?


Hi Pascal,

Actually, no. I have a scheme I like to be the default. It’s setup the way I want but if I double click a file, it opens in the default scheme, not my customized one.

Maybe I should delete the default registry entry and rename the custom to be the default.
Where are the schemes located in the registry(are they still there in V6 or is the registry left altogether?)
this is actually for V6 still running in Beta.

What are your thoughts, maybe I schould leave it be for now since I want to install a fresh V6 when I get the liscence anyway ( assuming the current BETA cannot be converted into the V6 release)

Hi Willem - I think if you name your custom scheme Default it will all just work. I don’t think it will be upset by a release installation though you may want to save a copy in case. I uninstall and reinstall all day, various versions of V6, and it seems to me all my stuff just stays the same.


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I worked it this way:
I made all my mods while in the “default” scheme - the one started via the standard desktop icon. That includes my custom toolbars, colors etc.

Then, I re-created a default scheme (in both EN and FR for teaching/demos) by grabbing a new shortcut icon directly from the Rhino exe (don’t recommend copying the desktop icon, Windows gets confused), and renaming it something recognizable like “V6_Default”.

Then right click on it and go to Properties, and under “Target”, add after the .exe:

/scheme=YourScheme (YourScheme being your scheme name, leave a space before the /)

Target: "C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\System\Rhino.exe" /scheme=MyNewScheme

When you start Rhino with that icon, it will start with 100% defaults.