Files from someone else change workspace


I notice that when I open Rhino files from someone else, my workspace changes. All the menu and toolbar customizations I have spent so long perfecting disappear. Is there a way to stop this behavior?

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Ashley - opening a Rhino file should not affect the toolbars in your file, unless, possibly, there is plug-in information in the file which causes a plug-in that you have to load with its toolbars, something like that… Can you describe exactly what happens?



I just confirmed that it seems to happen only when I open the file by double clicking from Windows Explorer. If I start Rhino first and then open the file, I get my usual workspace. So there is an easy solution.

In today’s instance there was a plugin error when I loaded the new file by opening from Explorer, but no error when I opened from within Rhino.

This is in Rhino 5. I can post some screenshots of how the workspace changes if that would help, but the most obvious is that the Sidebar tabs had reverted to their defaults and the osnap menu was hidden.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Ashley - have you set up a custom scheme for starting Rhino? (



Thank you. I have not and I will review that link. So I gather that when I double click a file from Explorer, Rhino is starting with a default scheme or something like that.

(Pascal Golay) #6

Right - I thought perhaps you’ve created a scheme attached to your Rhino icon, and named it differently or something like that. If you have a non-standard scheme, and you rename a copy of it to Scheme:default, then opening from a file should do the right thing.


(Willem Derks) #7

Hi Pascal,

Going of on a tangent but can you elaborate on how the toolbars (rui) files are related to schemes?
Are these shared between schemes?
Maybe it’s a good addition to the page you linked to.

And better still as I believe V6 no longer writes this info to the registry it’s time for a version outlining all types of customization for V6. schemes, toolbars, templates, displaymodes, options import/export etc…


(Pascal Golay) #8

Hi Willem - The toolbar (RUI) files open in an instance of Rhino started with a particular scheme are then associated with that scheme if Rhino closes with those RUIs open. Is that what you meant?


(Willem Derks) #9

Hi Pascal,

I was wondering if a new scheme gets it’s own set of toolbars or are by default all schemes using the same rui?

There is no mention about it on the wiki page hence me asking


(Pascal Golay) #10

Hi Willem - as far as I can tell, if an rui is open when the last session using a particular rui is closed, that is what is associated - so you can I think, (I have not tried it yet) , open a completely custom rui in one scheme and a different one in another and they will not conflict. I think.



This ended up being a really stupid thing. For some reason, 3dm files were associated with Rhino 32 bit and not Rhino 64 bit - hence the plugin error and other odd behavior when I double clicked a file in Windows Explorer rather than open from within Rhino (64). Easy fix.

(Pascal Golay) #12

Hi Ashley - great, thanks for the update.