DXF dimensions change


I am dimension my cross sections in Rhino as a .3dm file and saving a copy as a .dxf so that my supplier can open the file. However on numerous occasions the .dxf file dimensions are changed in both dimension size, location, or precision. I’ve attached a photo that shows the dimensions changing in location and precision.

Is there a way I can actively prevent this?

The first photo is the .dxf file, and the second is the .3dm file with the dimensions I laid out

dimtest.3dm (56.7 KB)
dimtest.dxf (46.1 KB)

Could be related to your issue.

It looks like the problem is in reading the dxf back into Rhino 5, right?
Having the geometry and dimensions in a block and scaled x2 make things a little more complicated, but you’d have to adjust dimstyles after reimporting to get things back close to where they were.