Default Dimension frustration

Is there a way to set a “default” style for dimension, that is the “default” style every time i open Rhino?

As I am experiencing it, I open rhino and i go to measure something and it “defaults” to “inch decimal- style” not “default- style”, which is non-sensical.

And any “default - style” i create gets ignored the next time i open Rhino.

Am i missing something here.

This is set by your template file. You can set up a file as you want Rhino to open every time; units, dimension styles, font, layers, active layer, hatches, blocks, whatever else you might want to customize, then save it. You then tell Rhino to start with that file under Rhino Options -> Files -> Template files -> Default. The next time you start Rhino, it should open with an untitled file which has all the customizations you made.


Thank you very much Sam