Set compute url to Windows Server or

I think I am confused about the nature of Rhino Compute. I am running the rhino.compute service on a AWS Windows Server and have setup the core-hour billing. From experimenting with making calls to the grasshopper endpoint /grasshopper, I’ve found that I can send this request to the aforementioned Windows Server but also Both works and solves the grasshopper definition I send, which makes me wonder how they are different., especially since Rhino bills per core-hour, but I don’t know how many cores uses and bills me for.

This perhaps is due to a lack of understanding about what Rhino Compute itself is.

Final thing. The features page on compute says “…Access existing Rhino/Grasshopper plugins through the online interface.”, but I haven’t able to send GH definitions with third-party components (e.g. from pufferfish), so any advice here is appreciated.

I use Pufferfish and a few other components. It works fine for me.

I had originally forgotten that these components need to be copied to the GH libraries folder, just like on desktop. I also had a component that did not have a .gha file. I found it best to simply start the Rhino GUI, launch GH, and load a typical model. Then GH figures out what’s missing.


As far as I know the free public compute server is online for testing compute, but you are supposed to run your own server for production sooner or later, see

You cant run components from third party plugins on that server because the plugins wont be installed. You can however install them on your own server and they should solve definitions just fine.