Set compute url to Windows Server or

I think I am confused about the nature of Rhino Compute. I am running the rhino.compute service on a AWS Windows Server and have setup the core-hour billing. From experimenting with making calls to the grasshopper endpoint /grasshopper, I’ve found that I can send this request to the aforementioned Windows Server but also Both works and solves the grasshopper definition I send, which makes me wonder how they are different., especially since Rhino bills per core-hour, but I don’t know how many cores uses and bills me for.

This perhaps is due to a lack of understanding about what Rhino Compute itself is.

Final thing. The features page on compute says “…Access existing Rhino/Grasshopper plugins through the online interface.”, but I haven’t able to send GH definitions with third-party components (e.g. from pufferfish), so any advice here is appreciated.

I use Pufferfish and a few other components. It works fine for me.

I had originally forgotten that these components need to be copied to the GH libraries folder, just like on desktop. I also had a component that did not have a .gha file. I found it best to simply start the Rhino GUI, launch GH, and load a typical model. Then GH figures out what’s missing.