McNeel Rhino Compute server vs self-hosted

I looked at Rhino Compute a while back and was able to get an auth token to try it out against I can’t seem to find the link to get an auth token anymore. Has the McNeel Rhino Compute server been discontinued? Going forward will there be a McNeel Rhino Compute server available for production use or is it expected that you host Rhino Compute yourself only?

Rhino Compute is a product that is meant to be used on your own host. As we developed it became clear that a central Compute server was not going to serve anyone well.

It is part of an overall Web Framework set of projects:

You can still use our public server to test things out. The Auth Token can be retrieved from

As Scott mentions, for anything you are developing, you should host your own instance of Rhino.Compute.

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No. Not unless you are developing a major web application. It is not for end-users. Only advanced developers.

No. It is only a testing and demo server. We don’t keep it running all the time.

If you are developing a web based application, you’ll likely want to host it on AWS, MS, or Google… or build your own server farm.