Rhino compute down?

I am wondering if rhino compute is down or are if there is other reason why my apps and also this example stopped working today https://mcneel.github.io/rhino3dm/javascript/samples/compute/RESTHopper/Extrusions/

is there any place/method where i can check for status of RC server?

Hi Vladimir -

Not that I know of.
It looks like we restarted the Compute server 5 hours ago and so that should be back up. Let us know if you are still having problems!

Looks like I got that wrong (not entirely unexpectedly…)
Any GET request that is proxied through the backend will return Backend not available when Compute is down. A simple test of such would be https://compute.rhino3d.com/version

If you are running your own apps, I highly recommend setting up your own instance of compute. Our server is really meant only as a prototype that people can use as a starting point example in creating their own custom compute servers.


thanks Wim and Steve for answers, i am still very early to developing tools and all of them are prototypes, but i will look on own serverinstance down the road

I think this info is pretty important to put into the docs. I got the impression that this service would be a SaaS offering. Now I need to go back and work on infra :slight_smile:

The server is down since yesterday…

Hi - thanks for letting us know.
By the way, have you considered setting up your own instance of compute?

We are working on it but we need to test before

We are looking into the server issue and hopefully it will be up again soon.

Our compute server is back up!

The last few days I have seen a few problems (503 and 504 errors) with Rhino Compute and Resthopper being down, which seem resolved now.

However today, I’m seeing 500 errors even with the supplied sample (https://github.com/mcneel/rhino3dm/tree/master/docs/javascript/samples/compute/RESTHopper/Extrusions). Is this known?

Also, what is the preferred way for us to report errors we see?


Thanks for letting me know, @martinkretz! It’s back up now. I’m trying to figure out why it been going down a lot over the past week. The /grasshopper endpoint has been seeing a lot of use and I wonder if there’s still a memory leak there…

I’ve moved the service from EC2 to EKS and, aside from a mistake which caused the most recent outage, it’ll be a lot easier to manage now.

Posting here is perfect - it’s the quickest way to alert me and let other users know that they’re not the only ones having issues.

And, as always, I recommend setting up your own Compute server if you’re using it a lot. We’ve made the process much easier with a script that’ll do everything for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. In our testing previously I do think that we also hit that memory leak since multiple working requests with the same data would suddenly stop working after 10 requests, and then just keep failing.

And on that note, it seems that it is down right now.

@martinkretz Ah, this was an unrelated blunder of mine to do with the handling of content-type headers in the proxy that we put in front of compute to handle authentication. It wasn’t an issue with compute itself. Should be fixed now!