Set a CPlane for my work area, while maintaining the original CPlane?

As with all things self taught, I find that you have glaring holes in your basic knowledge sometimes.

That said, I get imports from Revit, or autoCAD (etc) where I am getting a small section of a BIM. They have exported the area of the building so I only have the area where my work is concerned.

This is good, because when I export, and send back, my work is already located in the original BIM because the origin point is the same. Often the original CPlane is hundreds of feet away from the area that they have exported.

How do I set up a CPlane local to my work area, while maintaining the original CPlane for the client’s larger BIM origin point?


I’m not sure if I understand, however CPlanes are always local. You can switch between your local CPlane and the global reference by clicking on “CPlane” in the bottom left corner of your screen. It’ll switch to “World” and vice versa. This way, you can easily navigate between your personal workspace and the larger context.

Before you send your work back, you might want to reset the CPlane to align with the global reference. You can do this by using the “CPlane world top” command. This ensures that your work fits perfectly into the broader project, while you still have the convenience of working in your local setup.

Hope this helps!

So the world origin is set by the original project, and I can just set Cplanes anywhere else?


More or less.
You need a coordinate reference in order to add objects, so the world plane is created upon creating a 3dm file.