Session initialization failed

In past few days, I can’t start ShapeDiver- after uploading scene, I am getting message
“We are sorry Session initialisation failed”.
Is it some temporary problem with shapediver server or I am doing something wrong?

Could you explain in more detail which steps lead to this problem? Is it reproducible?

I can’t figure out what steps lead to that problem. Sometimes when upload same definition in different period once time work and in another time ( e.g. 2 hours later) it doesn’t work…

I’ve just realized that Session initialisation failed happend on mozzilla browser. When I try on chrome it works. This scene for example , at my computer with mozzila browser almost always show message “Session initialisation failed”

I gave it a try on Mac and Windows using the latest version of Firefox, both worked.

Which version are you using on which operating system?

I am using windows 10, firefox 70.0.1 (64bit). I just check shapediver again on mozzila and it works right now…

Please let us know should this happen again.