API documentation page HTML usage example not working locally


I’m new to shapeDiver and wanting to explore all the exciting features that it offers. But I am somehow stuck in implementing the API part.
I went to the ShapeDiver 3D Viewer documentation page to look for similar examples and I found what I was looking for in the usage page.
Unfortunately, all the examples fail to load when I copy and paste and try to run the HTML on my local server. It says “Session Initialization Failed” with the following error code in the console.

I’m using the public example ticket embedded from the JSFiddle provided in the tutorials.
Does this mean the embed API examples that involve a ticket would not be able to test locally even for the public ticket provided in ShapeDiver’s website?
Please let me know if there are any concerns or questions. Thanks in advance!


I just checked this model and found out that access was only enabled for localhost at port 8080. I just added 8000 as an alternative option. If you are using a different port, let me know and I can whitelist it.

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Thanks! I also realized that somehow now the 3D model is not showing in my Chrome browser but is working on all other browsers (Firefox, Edge, etc.). Is this supposed to happen at this point?
The Chrome browser failed in the ShapeDiver online documentation as well

I tested on Chrome with several devices without issues. I suggest you update the drivers of your graphical cards and maybe your chrome browser as well. If this does not work, please send the log of your browser when you try to load the model (Settings > More Tools > Developer Tools > Console tab).

So I did update my graphic card driver to its newest version (2020-June) but it is still not showing in my chrome browser for some reason (the sample model is rendering quite well in other browsers such as firefox). The console log is as followed when load the model (Example is opened in jsfiddle):

Thanks in advance

I added fiddle.jshell.net to the list of whitelisted domains, that should get rid of some of these errors. Also try to update your example to use the latest live viewer (upgrade from 2.15.0 to 2.22.0).