Pyramid Pattern - There has to be a better way

I’m making my first steps in Grasshopper and would appreciate help with my pyramid pattern.
It behaves exactly like I want it to but I’m sure there is a more elegant way.

Right now I split a grid in different groups of points, move the points and then weave everything back into one list with the original grid structure.
Afterwards I create the surfaces one by one in a bloated process.

Isn’t there a way to create a surface first and then manipulate it in this way? So that I don’t have to weave everything back together? (49.5 KB)

There must be many ways of doing this, including a two dimensional grid of just one polysurface.

I skipped the first part of your code and replaced the “bloated process” with this: (28.7 KB)

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Thanks! I will need some time to wrap my head around this but it looks way cleaner.
However it cannot handle any adjustments to the number of grid cells in the beginning.

Oh dear! Here is a quick fix (yellow group): (31.7 KB)

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FYI, the convoluted (and flawed) model I posted started as an exploration of the points emerging from the Tree Branch component. This is the first draft, which was quite simple. But the four-edge surfaces are not planar because the horizontal line segments that form triangles are missing: (22.6 KB)

I hope someone else will play with this and find a solution as robust as your “bloated process”, which works well, even when both sliders that create the grid are set to 1. Mine still breaks.

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Check this as well… (9.9 KB)


That is impressive, thank you very much!

I like how you used Average to create the pyramid’s midpoint.