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Hello everyone. I have a question. i have recorded some points (Which comes from anemone iterations) and in the left i have ‘true’ and ‘false’ values. How could i separate the points recorded by the index true values. In this case, i have true values in index 0 , 27 , 53 and 54, so i want to split the list points by this indexes having then 3 separate lists. Both lists have the same list length.

Any help would be awesome… Thank you very much!!

just use the dispatch componant (5.5 KB)

you want to get 3 or 2 lists in the end? you will always end up with 2 lists with boolean variables (true or false). When splitting the lists and both output lists should have the same list length than you boolean variable list needs to have the same amount of true and false

Hi Pedro, check my old cluster Group Consecutive, I also add the repeat number to partition your point list. Then, it is easy to cull the right paths. (18.4 KB)

Yes, I understand what you’re saying, but i think i have not explained my self correctly. the picture shows now what im trying to obtain. any ideas? thank you very much for your time

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It’s not the perfect answer to your question but I think it might help.

Hey !

Is this what you’re looking for? :slight_smile:
My list is a bit different from your as I wanted to test if my model was working with two consecutives “True”. Looks like yes ! (5.5 KB)

Sorry for the late reply.
I think that your algorithm is much more efficient.
Thank you very much!!! :smiley:

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This is excellent!!! i have learned with this definition!! thankyou!

Ah !
Didn’t see I was late for the answer… But glad it helped !