How do I go about editing this facade in Grasshopper

I know I can use Rhino inside, but how would I go about getting this facade with Revit components to script it with grasshopper to change things like the mullions.

Hi Cameron -

You didn’t put this question in any category so I’m not sure what you are asking about.
What is a “facade with Revit components”?

My apologies what I mean is this. Lets say I created a script with Grasshopper for facade that I highlighted. Now I know there are things like Rhino Inside Revit which can help me bridge between Rhino and Revit, but how to I make the Grasshopper script have Revit properties?

Hi -

I’m afraid I’m still in the dark here. Is this with or without using RiR?

If I created a facade like this in grasshopper how can it and create a panel system which then I can give Revit properties such as the mullion type or panel type…

Hi Cameron,

If you are looking for editable Revit Types you will need to create them as such. The pattern you created looks like a good candidate for an Adaptive Component Family.

The other option is DirectShapes in the correct Category.