Sending .igs files, they arrive scaled down

begining with last version of Rhino, every thing I save and send out is 2D. driving me nuts.

Could you provide a more complete description of how to duplicate this, including sample models that exhibit the problem? There are about 50 different IGES export formats. Which one are you using?

I save files like I always have. I have had the scale problem periodically sending files to some venders. When I recieve IGS files they are scaled down.
This current problem seams to with every format accept dwg files, but now it won’t let me save dwg. I’m sending the file I had trouble with and a file that
has not had that problem.BRITA PRO.igs (1.1 MB) BRITA PRO.igs (1.1 MB) BRITA PRO.igs (1.1 MB) 102814quicktwist_brita shroud.dwg (2.2 MB) 12412qt_3dm.igs (2.6 MB)

Hi Bob,

I looked at this recently and I am not seeing any issues with scaling on open. I did see some scaling when I imported models and the template file was a different unit than the model being imported. Perhaps that’s what you’re experiencing. I think this must be something with your particular setup though. If it was something in the released code we’d have many many more bug reports about this. So, make sure you’re doing an open and not an import. Also make sure you’re aware of what units your model is prior to saving as iges. Of course that would also affect the scale. You can see the units that an iges file is using in a text editor. The line will look similar to this.

1.0D0,10,2HCM,1,0.0254D0,13H141027.180949, G 6 (from “BRITA PRO.igs”)

The “2HCM” is the unit string and the units are centimeters. Here is another example.

1.0D0,1,4HINCH,1,0.01D0,13H141106.193307, G 6 (from “12412qt_3dm.igs”)

This model hes inches for units.

.dwg is a binary format so you can’t determine the units in a text editor.

I hope this helps some. If you are still having issues let us know. It would be best to include all of the files, ie. the ,3dm file that you are using to export to iges in addition to the iges file itself.

Best Regards,