Iges scaling message

When Exporting Iges files I get this message every time.

My answer is always no. Is there anyway to bypass this message or a setting I can change so that I no longer get this message ?

I believe IGES requires a unit system.
It appears you are modeling with no units set in Rhino.
If you set a unit system in the Rhino file, it will be included in the IGES export and you will not be asked.

Normally it, is difficult to have a Rhino file set to “no units”.
How are you making new files for export to IGES?

Hi John

I was using custom units. But now that you mention it I should really just set it to inch and adjust the tolerance as needed.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the issue I have with blind holes for my drill point angle… I made a post about that a week or so ago.

Oh and thank you. This has stopped the pop-up message.