Odd Behavior - IGES Export Units

When exporting a model to IGES, the message asking what units to use doesn’t pop up. However, if I immediately export the model again, it will pop up and let me change it. Has anyone ever experienced this type of behavior?

This only occurs on US Government/DoD computers I use Rhino on. The personal and company computers don’t have this problem. So it seems to have something to do with the configuration of these systems.

Hi Bennett - hmmm- does it never pop up on the first export? It should as soon as you give the file name with the extension. (Rhino defaults to exporting as 3dm).

Ok, so what I meant was the dialog box that asks if you want to scale the model if you change the IGES units doesn’t pop up the first time. However it does if I export the model again.

Sorry, I see… I do get that here so far. I do not have a good answer for you.
@tim - any idea?


Also once I export once, it functions properly from then on out until I close and open a new Rhino session. This only happens on the US Govt computers. I don’t see this anywhere else. This was a problem in V6 too. The Layer State Manager didn’t used to work on Govt computers either, but that seems to work now in V7.

Hi Bennett - does it make any difference what file is being exported from?


No, this behavior is consistent across every model I have. I’m pretty locked down on these systems, so I thought it might have to do with needing certain permissions to change things that a user would typically have, but the US Govt changes.