Self-intesecting curves

Is there a way to have Rhino highlight a self-intersecting curve? I have one that I can’t seem to track down even after filleting all the corners with a 0 radius.


Hi - If you select a self-intersecting curve and extrude that (or make a planar surface from it), you will get at self-intersection warning.

There’s also a test command that you could try: testIntersectSelf

Thanks. What I’m looking for something along the lines of ShowNakedEdges where the program will highlight the self-intersection rather than making me spend decades trying to find it!


You can try this Python script. It will put points at the self-intersections found. (1.5 KB)

BTW, if they are closed curves, running CurveBoolean on them usually fixes the problem.

Thanks for those suggestions. In my woeful ignorance how do I execute the script?

Did you try that test command?

For temporary use, save the script to your desktop, then type RunPythonScript, browse to the script and Open.

For permanent installation under an alias or toolbar button, have a look at this wiki article:

Terrific. Thanks to you both!

Yes! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

or a year :thinking:
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