Selective DXF export

Hi guys
I’m going to develop a simple RhinoCommon command to let user to select objects and export them to DXF.
After some searching in this forum, it looks like the only way to do that is to launch a script, as this sample code seems to confirm.
Please let me know if that can be done in a better/smarter way.
I wonder if there’s some way to choose the DXF export scheme used during export operations.
Thanks a lot!

Does this code work? How could another method be better/smarter in your opinion?

Note, when you script DXF export, you can specify the scheme to use.

– Dale

Hi @dale!
I have to admit I didn’t test the code due to COVID lockdown in my country (Italy).
Anyway, it would be great if you will tell me how to specify DXF export scheme.
For “better/smarter way” I meant a way that doesn’t need to launch another command and that allow developer to set DXF export scheme (hope to ear from you soon about this).

To pass the scheme you add the scheme parameter to the command
(assuming you build the command string first as cmd, and fileName and schemeName are valid)
cmd = “_-Export “” + fileName + “.dxf” _Scheme=”" + schemeName + “” _Enter _Enter";

Thanks, @Thierry_BOCK! :slight_smile: