Export file in RhinoCommon (not via command line)

Hi there,
I have not found anything in RhinoCommon about exporting items.
So far I use the command line, but it is a bit bulky (like the import as well).
Is there an option in RhinoCommon to export items (to 3dm, step, dxf, …)?

Thanks in advance,

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Looking of the same thing and found Rhino.RhinoDoc.ExportSelected.

it’s a little rudimentary but does seem to work.

There’s also the Export which doesn’t require items to be selected.

What do you need to make this less rudimentary?

I could easily be overlooking this, I’m still fairly new to scripting, but I didn’t see a way to set the export options when using the RhinoDoc.Export or RhinoDoc.ExportSelected. Mostly looking for options like save textures when exporting to fbx or choosing the export scheme when exporting to dwg.

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@David_Moreau, this only works from Rhino7 on, right.
One thing that would make this method perfect is to be able to chose export settings (for dxf or step for instance), @stevebaer. (Only in case I did not miss them… :slight_smile:)

I believe it only works in 7.

Yea this only works in V7.

I’m happy that you guys are pointing out that the options is what is missing. I do know that and need to figure out a decent approach for dealing with adding options.

@stevebaer, this definitely would be a huge help.
We always have to adapt the export schemes, so this one would be more than nice to have!

We are going to have to do this on a case by case basis for file formats. What format do you need options to export to?

In my case that would be dxf and step in most of the cases.
Sometimes we need dwg or sat/acis.

Commonly use FBX and DWG. STP and IGS less frequently.

We use DWG, DXF and SVG.

With DWG and DXF we use the same export options.
With SVG we don’t care about any options.

@stevebaer, I might be disimproving this, but…
Are you planning to create a method that does not require to select objects?
Wouldn’t it be more convenient to simply pass a list of geometry and attributes into the method.

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