Macro button export scheme

Hi! I have a button that allows me to easily import export a DXF file that I use frequently in other software. Is there a way to specify export scheme in this macro so that it doesn’t automatically use the most recent settings?

Here’s my current macro:
! _-Export _Pause


Yep - do this ‘by hand’ once step by step - you’ll see there’s a Scheme stage in the -Export command process if you specify dxf.

Command: -Export
Select objects to export:
Select objects to export. Press Enter when done:
Save file name ( Version=5  SaveSmall=No  GeometryOnly=No  SaveTextures=No  SavePlugInData=Yes  Browse ): test.dxf
Write file using scheme "2004 Solids" ( Scheme ):
File successfully written as C:\... ...t\test.dxf

Any luck?


Yes! This is the final macro:
! _-Export _Pause

I didn’t realize that realize that one could dissect a command that normally has pop-up dialogs by using a “-” rather than a “_” preceding the command. Is this true for all commands with dialogs?

Thank you Pascal! This will prove to be very helpful in the future.

Yes- ‘dash’ versions exist for all commands for easier ‘macro-ing’ Mostly these are useful to suppress dialogs and put the options on the command line instead, but there are a few commands, very few, where the dash version exposes more options than the normal versions. MacroEditor is a great help for sorting out how to arrange the options and Pauses in a macro.