Exclude Object from Clipping Planes?

Would it be possible to add an exclusion from clipping planes as an option in object’s properties?


+1 for me.

Came up with the same idea recently.
A MUST for column line work/grid in architectural type of drawings.
Eliminates the need to copy the same grid to each clipped “slice”.
Checkbox [_] in object properties “Ignore clipping planes/Persistent visibility”?

Oooh this would be so handy! Please?


We’ve had this on our list for some time now: RH-6069.
I’ve added your request.

_I need this so much


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@Piotr VisualARQ has this feature when working with sections:

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Is VisalARQ owned by McNeel? Can it be copied to regular Rhino? 800€ is a bit too much for that functionality only - all other I’m not that interested into.

Hi @moby-dk, VisualARQ is owned by Asuni (https://www.asuni.com/) that belongs to the same company group as McNeel Europe and we are based in the same office in Barcelona.
VisualARQ adds many other features to Rhino besides the section attributes: the IFC import and export features, 3D parametric architectural objects, Dynamic blocks driven by Grasshopper definitions (aka “Grasshopper styles”), hidden line vector output for 2D drawings, quantity take-offs reports, and many more…

Has it been decided that an object exclusion feature will only be available with VisalARQ? I too would love to be able to exclude objects from a particular clipping plane in Rhino. I make a ton of diagrams that “peel away” layers like an onion to illustrate complex assemblies. Currently, I use Trim and Cap to do this but it would be great to have an easy non-destructive way to achieve the same result.

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Hi Ryan - we still have that feature request on the list - RH-6069.
I’ve added your vote.


Please Wim, add my vote too to be able to exclude objects from clipping planes. Imagine you have a house and you want to create a section of the walls but you want your furniture and staircases to appear without sectioning. I do this kind of drawings quite frequently. Thanks!

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I want to double on my +1, I wants per object clipping plane. So a command called ExplicitClippingPlane creates a special clipping plane that can be link to specific object/s a user defines.




Clipping plane could work just as V-Ray in two modes:
Exclude (define objects you want to exclude)
Include (define objects you want to include)

So in exclude mode if no objects are selected everything gets clipped / clipping plane works as it is now.


Yes, one tool to rule them all!

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Hey, please add mine too, let it grow.

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+1 for me!
yes yes this is good!

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+1! Just would have needed clipping exclusion for an axonometry.

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+1 (for hatches too!)

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