Selection Settings - problems with selecting objects in front of other objects

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As useful as the selection menu can be when you have a lot of objects overlapping and behind one another - I find it to be quite annoying that Rhino simply wont select the first object I intentionally click on when it is in front of everything and closest to the pointer. For example- I have modeled siding around a house shaped polygon and all I want to do is just select individual siding pieces without the selection menu popping up and asking if I want to select the house polygon. This really impedes workflow and locking/unlocking objects all the time is really annoying. Is there a setting I am missing that changes this?

Also new to Rhino obviously. I’ve messed with the mouse and selection settings in the options menu but none of the settings seems to relate to how rhino decides when an object should be selected right away instead of bring up the window.

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@brady Welcome.
More info / examples guide here

Hi Brady - When objects are very thin relative to the overall scale of the scene, it gets more difficult to separate their display meshes. While Rhino now generally does a good job at displaying those, as you notice, you can still run into situations where selection gets hard.

There is a test command - i.e. a command that you won’t find in the documentation and that doesn’t autocomplete - that you can try to see if that helps in such situations - TestZBiasFactor. Make the factor smaller to be able to select siding on a house:


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Thanks Wim, I’ll give it a shot and report back

Seems to work a little better now, thanks alot