Can we fix selection of objects with opacity?

Whenever I have a layer with a color with opacity, it is practically impossible for Rhino to select what I want it to.

No matter where I click, it always selects objects behind the object I am clicking on. I have to lock every other layer and play with the camera until I can click a spot where I see the background through the object and click there, hopefully Rhino can’t select background because I am sure it would otherwise.

I really don’t see the practicality behind the current functioning. If I want to select objects behind a certain object I hide the ones in front, use Wireframe display or a clipping plane. I do not use opacity so that I can select objects behind my front object.

Working with glass is a pain. I need to see what is inside the building, but I don’t want to select anything on the inside. I want Rhino to select the pane of glass I am clicking on.

What is worse, is that if you place 2 objects with same opacity one on front of each other, Rhino will still give priority to the one behind when selecting.

Request: Keep selection as if opacity did not exist. Thanks.

here on mac it seems to work fine, though a curve if clicked on precisely will always have priority it seems, then it at least should pop up the selection request which is missing.

other than that selecting seems normal here, also tried 2 objects same opacity and the behaviour is regular… does it happen on a fresh file either?

Hello- if the click hits a ‘wire’ (edge, isocurve) on an occluded object, that wins - can you tell if that is what is happening?
Also, if this is in perspective, does the problem sort itself out if you change the same view to parallel?


Parallel does not make a difference.

Aiming for iso curve or edge does help, but it often takes multiple tries to get right, seems you have to be extremely precise. Also those are not exactly easy to see depending on the opacity and color you are using.


Hello- what I was wondering is whether the mistaken selections hit a wire on the occluded objects. If you click on a ‘not wire’ of the intended object and also do not hit a wire on the background objects, the selection should work as you intend - I can see from your image that that might be almost impossible in real work, but just as a test.