Problem with curved walls

Hello- Having trouble getting a wall to follow a curved wall, specifically where an arc meets a straight line, my walls complete a full circle. If I reduce maximum extension, sometimes it gets closer to following the curve, but usually there are some broken fragments. I can produce a screenshot if this is not clear.

Hi Donald, in this sort of issues, as you well tried, the wall maximum extension parameter should fix the problem. So could you please send me the file just with these walls involved in this issue? Also some screenshots would help. Sent it to and I’ll take a look at it.

PD: Make sure you are running the latest VisualARQ version.

Thank you, it looks like it has been resolved after I purchased the license, or perhaps after restarting, not sure which.

In the latest RC of VA 2.0 I still see this happening - making a wall from an arc (i.e. partial circle) creates a full circle wall.


When I rebuild the curve to be degree 3, the problem is solved.

Also, as shown in that last screenshot, when that curved wall is made, a new wall is started right away and the user is asked for the end point.

Hi @wim,

Do you have a sample document where I can test this issue? I’ve created some arcs on a new document (started from a VisualARQ meters template), and resulting walls are not closed.

This bug is already fixed in VisualARQ 2 RC2, which should be released soon.



Hi @enric,
Here is a sample file (started from a VA mm template).
Walls from arcs - bug.3dm (286.0 KB)

Other than that, I’m also getting frequent “bad object” warnings like this one

The “vaWall” command created 2 bad objects.

When I run the SelBadObjects command after getting this warning, no bad objects are found.

Sometimes this snowballs into nonsensical situations where pretty much any Rhino command will “create” bad objects. For example:

The "vaWall" command created 2 bad objects.

Command: _Delete
The “Delete” command created 2 bad objects.
Command: _Delete
The “Delete” command created 4 bad objects.

Hi @vim,

I’ve fixed the circle-wall bug. The fix is included in VisualARQ 2.0 RC2, which will be released early next week. In the meantime, you can change the wall maximum extension to a lower value as a workaround.

Regarding the bad objects, do you have the steps to reproduce the issue?



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