Selection of building footprints, and region union not working

Hello people,

I need to select the only the outer contour - the footprint of some buildings(which are in the same level) as curves-or surfaces and unify their regions afterwards, does anyone has any suggestion or Gh definition on how to do it?
I tried some ways, as simple as it seems it is not working :smiley: .

Many thanks in advance

How would you do it in Rhino? typically this is same way you script it as well. Any workflow is dependent on particular geometry you are working with…

Thanks for replying. (7.2 KB)

Well basically I exploded the building geomtries and selected the lowest surface like in the attached definiton. I guess it workes for some simple geometries but not the a quarter.

image (590.6 KB)

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thanks Rickson, that actually helped a lot!